Monday, March 1, 2010

Bring Me to Life (Part 1)

One gloomy afternoon, I was walking on the cement steps started from outside our previous house. I do not know why I was there. I was with a friend. She kept tightly holding to my arms as we go near a man-in-white standing in front of the sugarcane plantation in our place. His right hand is placed in a little boy's shoulder just beside him. That little boy, he is so innocent as I may say. The man-in-white, wait! I recognized him!

I kept on forcing my mind to give me the correct idea about his identity. That time, it was so hard to think. I kept on thinking. My friend, she is anxious and I can see it in her."Satan!" I screamed. I don't know why I came to think of that. He is a man of fair complexion, dressed in white, some kind of short-bearded. His hair are like colors of that of corns, short, and a little bit curvy on the back part.He seems nice, real nice. He was talking to the young boy as if he was his son. "He is not Satan," my friend objected.I still insisted,"I don't know how I came to that conclusion. All I know is that, I know he is Satan! It is him, the prince of darkness in disguise."

I trembled realizing that I was walking towards him and I'm so close. I fear him since I was little for I know he is bad and he punishes bad kids and that he is angry at those little children who are fond of crying.. When I get back into the scene, I dragged my friend away from where that man is. We entered the nearest house. It was just a small house owned by an old single lady. We pushed the door so hard and we entered. I know that was rude and we are trespassing. My friend took a seat still trying to catch her breath. I was trying to check if someone is in there so I said "hello" over and over again expecting someone to respond but there was complete silence. So, I decided to go back to the sala. I heard my friend's voice talking to someone. I felt a bit nervous so I took a peep. It gave me a relief seeing my uncle having chat with my friend. I joined them and I remembered the reason why we were there. Curiously, I asked Uncle Dodz if he believe in Satan. He do believe in Satan. I did not bother to ask him the reason why he found us there. "So uncle, have you seen..." I did not finished my second question. I am trembling, my heart is palpitating. Cold sweats are coming outside my skin pores.He is there! Satan is there! I just blinked my eyes and he is already there sitting beside my uncle. I screamed so loud, my friend stood beside me. She can see him too and now she believes me. My uncle still does not understand what was happening. "Satan is beside you! He is beside you!" That was the last thing I remembered I have said...

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