Thursday, March 18, 2010

End of the World

The Core, Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, Dante's Peak, Deep Impact. Movie marathon about disasters of different forms.

After watching these movies, I came to think... is the end of the world really possible? After watching all those, depression is what I felt. I keep on insisting to myself that those movies were fictions. These are things that are impossible to happen and it was just created by the imagination of the minds.

Sunday, 7 March 2010, 8:30 pm
I was with my brother Kleiff, my brothers girlfriend Jade, and Sedrick, my brother's so-called assistant. I am going back to my apartment in the city so I will not be late for tomorrows event. I will be attending the University's career talk at St. Julian's Academy in Janiuay. To make sure that we will not run out of gas, we pass by a store selling bottled fuel for all the gas stations were already closed.

I was just sitting at the back seat. I looked up and saw the clear sky making all stars visible. I spotted one star and saw that it was twinkling so bright. I even concluded that it is a planet. I moved my sight to another star and saw the same. I rolled my eyeballs to all the stars that my sight can scope and really, all of them were twinkling. What a wonderful creation God has made. I was so amazed and I mentioned it to them. My brother looked up and agreed with a smile. Her girlfriend gave me a doubtful look. Yes, she saw that all the stars were twinkling and she responded some scientific explanations. She said that stars twinkle because of too much heat. It twinkles when it grows too hot. She said, there's really something
wrong with the universe and she believes in the end of the world. Fear hovered me. I just hope and pray that these are not factors that might affect and destroy our beloved cosmos.

One night, I get to chat with Mr. Israel Malasa regarding this matter. Here is a part of our conversation.
good eve sir,. hows ur day?
hi. i'm fine. how about you?
fine too sir,. a little bit tired,. we had career talk in some high schools,.
and it's too hot
blame it on the weather...
have u notice the stars? there's something wrong
nope. i'm in the newsroom... what's with them?
they're twinkling so bright,. its like, all of them,, thats unusual
i'll take a look later when i get out of office...
you don't have any school assignments today, do you?
stars twinkle when they get too hot..
nope sir,. we dont have class during mondays
it must be the atmosphere... there are a few clouds out there during this time of the year...
possible,. i fear they might explode any time,. all of em
if they do... they are a million light years away from us... too far to do any significant damage. you should fear if our own sun expands and turns into a super-nova... then all of life--as we know it--will cease to exist
is that possible?
that the stars will collapse? yes.
that the sun will turn into a super nova?
they form a supernova, so says the scientists. their damage could be catastrophic in a system near them.
yes... in the future... once our yellow sun ages and dies...
all stars will extinguish... in good time
but the time our sun consumes its last remaining energy... our bodies would have turned to dust long before it explodes...
end of then world huh,. im getting paranoid,. maybe because of the movies that iv watched ,. alll about disasters
blame it on the 2012 movie...
the earth shifted its axis during the last quake in chile... it shortened our days so says a research
the core,.. the day after tomorrow..twister,. dantes peak, deep impact,... horrible movies,. made me depressed for some days
it's just a hollywood flick... a producer's creation...
it might be possible sir,. ryt?
we cannot tell....
it might... i repeat "might."
ok sir,. thanks for that enlightenment,.. have a good night,.^^
it was nice talking tyou
good night...
just don't watch too many movies...
lol,. good advice sir,. ok,. ^^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ruffa- Kris Walk Out Issue

Kris Aquino made Ruffa Gutierrez walk out of The Buzz Show last Sunday, March 7. The actress-host walked out in the middle of the show because of some offending statements said by Kris regarding her transferring of network. Ruffa was obviously affected making her cry and with her mother to the rescue, texted her not to go back to the said show. Some time after, the mother Annabelle Rama was seen being interviewed in another talk show, Showbiz Central. She commented on how Kris Aquino deeply affected her daughters innervation regarding the network transferring and even joined Noynoy Aquino, Kris' brother in the issue.

The defense made by Anabelle Rama depicts a lot of motherly love but the way it was expressed is somewhat over reacting. Based on her statements, it was shown the hatred that she felt not just to Kris Aquino but also to her brother. She even gave the public reasons for them not to vote Noynoy in the upcoming 2010 election which is obviously too personal for that matter.

On the other hand, Kris gave her apologies to Ruffa for whatever it is that offended her. She humbled her self to make it public but also defended her brother's side who was involved in the issue where actually is completely innocent. Emphasizing of being an advocate of democracy, Kris stated her points vividly siding with her brother. True that anyone is given the right to vote for whoever they choose.

March 9, Tuesday, Ruffa was interviewed about the said issue and revealed her side. She appreciated the apology and accepted it. She even pointed it out that it was not a walk out, rather, she chose not to go back to the show bacause she cannot stop crying.Somehow, they have been good friends and the both of them are considering that. On the flip side, Anabelle Rama was also the one who told Ruffa to make peace with Kris because she acknowledged the effort of Kris reaching out.

Those things really happen to relationships. This is not a very good example but then it has something good in it. They are in one industry and have already established a bond of friendship. Reaching out and humbling your self down when admitting faults actually does not lower your dignity as a person.

EDITORIAL - Containing the flu

(The Philippine Star) Updated June 07, 2009 12:00 AM

After two students diagnosed with Influenza A(H1N1) prompted a 10-day suspension of classes at De la Salle University in Manila, several universities have postponed for a week their school opening as a precautionary measure. The postponement gives school authorities more time to prepare the proper response in case anyone in the school is diagnosed with the potentially deadly flu.

With a vaccine still months away, the best that can be done at this point is for everyone to follow guidelines laid down by health experts in detecting the flu. Anyone who has just arrived from an overseas trip, even if the flight merely transited through a country where A(H1N1) cases have been reported, but who did not register any fever upon arrival at the airport must still be on alert for several days for symptoms such as a persistent cough, cold or sore throat. If any symptom emerges, a doctor must be consulted immediately for possible referral to A(H1N1) experts.

Similar precautionary measures must be adopted by anyone who has come in close contact with any of the confirmed cases of A(H1N1) in the Philippines. The new flu strain, which has infected nearly 20,000 people and killed over 100 in 66 countries, can manifest itself even after nearly two weeks following infection. Though the flu does not seem to be spreading in the Philippines as rapidly as in other countries, certain quarters fear a spike when all schools open within the month.

Schools and offices cannot be shut down while pharmaceutical giants rush the production of a vaccine. Mexico City, which has suffered the highest number of infections and deaths, contained the spread through a massive shutdown, but this lasted only for a few days. In the absence of a vaccine, some people are opting for ordinary anti-flu shots to boost their immune system. Some precautionary measures could help, such as sanitizing schools and workplaces. Confronting this health hazard requires civic responsibility. If you suspect you have the flu, do everything to prevent its spread.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Football Capital of the Philippines

Barotac Nuevo: “Football Capital of the Philippines.”

Football is the most preferred sport of the town, contrast to other places in the country who would always prefer basketball. Standing its title, International Football Competitions are also held in this small town. Kleiff Ian Pasquin, a member of the 2005 Philippine Football Team, a true Barotacnon narrated his experience in playing outside the country. He and his colleagues first played in Cambodia. He was the only Barotacnon who was chosen to play. In his experience in their training in Ateneo de Manila, “Majority of their players there are Barotacnons. Coach even said that in other schools, there were also a lot of Ilonggo football players,” he stated.

The football field is situated just beside the plaza and it is visited by a lot of football enthusiasts. The Philippines once attempted to get the title of the Guinness Longest Football Game Played and it was held in Barotac Nuevo. The players were all from there. They played straight for two days breaking Australia’s record.

The town is conducting trainings for children, boys and girls who are interested in the said sport. They are supporting these youth who are soon to be the next generation who will continue the legacy of the town in the sports who gave it so much fame and prominence.

(Towns Background)
Barotac Nuevo is a third-class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. It is approximately 75minutes jeepney trip from the City of Iloilo. The town proper is a junction to the town of Pototan, Anilao, Dingle, and Dumanggas. It is composed of 29 Baranggays and the primary spoken language here is Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a.

Just like any other towns, Barotac Nuevo has its own history. The word Barotac is from a Spanish word baro which means mud as well as the last syllable tac, from lutac. The second word Nuevo is from the word new. According to its natives, there was once a horse called Tamasak, a pure white stallion known for its strength, in the stead of one Don Simon, and who was offered much if he could sell it to Manuel Gonzales de Aguilar, the Governor General of the country at that time. Don Simon eventually sold Tamasak. But not for money, but for title, and separation from the town of Dumangas, which it was just a smaller section thereof. The barrio once known as Mulatac now stands the town of Barotac Nuevo.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Bring Me to Life (Part 2)

It is so hot, I am sweating and it's so noisy. I opened my eyes, "Where am I? What is this place?!" The sky is clowdy and there were sparks of lightning with thunders after show.

I saw a crowd walking towards me. They look like soldiers, dirty soldiers. They were looking at me from head to toe. I do not recognize any of them. A man, strongly built, wearing an armor vest, all black and gladiator sandals, advanced in front of me. All of their outfits looked the same just like in the movie 200. He told me to just stay close to him and so I did. He talked to different individuals in different languages on that crowd.

Everything there is weird. I followed as he said and whenever there is a chance, I am trying to ask him where am I. He does not give a damn answering any of my questions. He then approached a man asking him if he had caught enough. The man answered,"I guess Mort. Good enough to fill the stomachs of this doomed." He ended that with a sarcastic laugh. "Oh my God! I'm in hell!... So, Mort is your name?" I asked still following him as he walk, "Where are we going?" and, I cannot believe what was before my eyes. "Holy cow!" I uttered. There were hundreds, no, thousands of dead wild pigs. I cried, sobbed like a little girl so scared, and the a gong clanged. The people roared running towards the dead beasts. They eat them like there is no tomorrow. It's as if it's so delicious and to think, It was uncooked. "What kind of people are you?!" I asked Mort with my voice shaking. I was still crying. Finally, he faced me. He is gripping my arms! His face is changing and there were little horns spouting out his forehead. I wanted to scream but there was no voice commi8ng out. His face wrinkled and turned so, so ugly! I got so scared. He is developing sharp fangs! He leaned his ugly face close to mine. I closed my eyes, "Oh God! Help me please," I prayed. I can smell his odorous breath. He roared so loud and... and...

I woke up. Thank God it was just a dream. I continued crying. I'm still scared and my heart is pounding fast. I prayed again, "Thank you God for saving me. I may not been that good but I know you love me. I can feel it so deep. Thanks for letting me wake up. I am sorry for my faults and failures. Thanks also for, not getting tired of saving me. Yes, I know it is only you who can do that." I tried to go back to sleep but I can't. I still can's get over with it. It was a bad dream, a nightmare and I am thankful that I was still able to open my eyes to see the real wonderful world. Well, that dream is too bad to be true.

"Only a God can save us."
-Religious Education 102

Bring Me to Life (Part 1)

One gloomy afternoon, I was walking on the cement steps started from outside our previous house. I do not know why I was there. I was with a friend. She kept tightly holding to my arms as we go near a man-in-white standing in front of the sugarcane plantation in our place. His right hand is placed in a little boy's shoulder just beside him. That little boy, he is so innocent as I may say. The man-in-white, wait! I recognized him!

I kept on forcing my mind to give me the correct idea about his identity. That time, it was so hard to think. I kept on thinking. My friend, she is anxious and I can see it in her."Satan!" I screamed. I don't know why I came to think of that. He is a man of fair complexion, dressed in white, some kind of short-bearded. His hair are like colors of that of corns, short, and a little bit curvy on the back part.He seems nice, real nice. He was talking to the young boy as if he was his son. "He is not Satan," my friend objected.I still insisted,"I don't know how I came to that conclusion. All I know is that, I know he is Satan! It is him, the prince of darkness in disguise."

I trembled realizing that I was walking towards him and I'm so close. I fear him since I was little for I know he is bad and he punishes bad kids and that he is angry at those little children who are fond of crying.. When I get back into the scene, I dragged my friend away from where that man is. We entered the nearest house. It was just a small house owned by an old single lady. We pushed the door so hard and we entered. I know that was rude and we are trespassing. My friend took a seat still trying to catch her breath. I was trying to check if someone is in there so I said "hello" over and over again expecting someone to respond but there was complete silence. So, I decided to go back to the sala. I heard my friend's voice talking to someone. I felt a bit nervous so I took a peep. It gave me a relief seeing my uncle having chat with my friend. I joined them and I remembered the reason why we were there. Curiously, I asked Uncle Dodz if he believe in Satan. He do believe in Satan. I did not bother to ask him the reason why he found us there. "So uncle, have you seen..." I did not finished my second question. I am trembling, my heart is palpitating. Cold sweats are coming outside my skin pores.He is there! Satan is there! I just blinked my eyes and he is already there sitting beside my uncle. I screamed so loud, my friend stood beside me. She can see him too and now she believes me. My uncle still does not understand what was happening. "Satan is beside you! He is beside you!" That was the last thing I remembered I have said...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Iloilo: Villar's be?

Nationalista Party led by their presidential candidate Manny Villar, visited Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo on February 18, 2010 aiming to get the support of the Barotacnons.

Manny Villar accompanied by Congressman Ferjenel Biron, Barotac Nuevo Mayor Hernan Biron Sr. along with other mayors of the 4th District of Iloilo gathered in the plaza of Barotac Nuevo, dominated the talk. This was part of the campaign of the Nationalista Party to promote publicity of their group and gain more voters for the upcoming 2010 Election. The caucus started from 11 in the morning and ended at 1 pm. There were estimated 600 people with different perspectives who attended the said program.

Villar in his platform presentation said that he will make Barotac Nuevo as the prime economic driver of the province. Also, he swore that he will make Iloilo as his own province and align developments for the place. He chose Iloilo for he said his parents are it's natives and he is not belonged to any province so far and indeed, it is a promising section. In this goal, Cong. Biron gave his full support to Villar.

One of the spectators Rosalie Tabay, a teacher from Barotac Nuevo National Comprehensive High School commented, "I still do not believe that he will going to fulfill all that." For her, though Villar presented his platforms and promises perfectly, "He is just like any other politicians."