Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ruffa- Kris Walk Out Issue

Kris Aquino made Ruffa Gutierrez walk out of The Buzz Show last Sunday, March 7. The actress-host walked out in the middle of the show because of some offending statements said by Kris regarding her transferring of network. Ruffa was obviously affected making her cry and with her mother to the rescue, texted her not to go back to the said show. Some time after, the mother Annabelle Rama was seen being interviewed in another talk show, Showbiz Central. She commented on how Kris Aquino deeply affected her daughters innervation regarding the network transferring and even joined Noynoy Aquino, Kris' brother in the issue.

The defense made by Anabelle Rama depicts a lot of motherly love but the way it was expressed is somewhat over reacting. Based on her statements, it was shown the hatred that she felt not just to Kris Aquino but also to her brother. She even gave the public reasons for them not to vote Noynoy in the upcoming 2010 election which is obviously too personal for that matter.

On the other hand, Kris gave her apologies to Ruffa for whatever it is that offended her. She humbled her self to make it public but also defended her brother's side who was involved in the issue where actually is completely innocent. Emphasizing of being an advocate of democracy, Kris stated her points vividly siding with her brother. True that anyone is given the right to vote for whoever they choose.

March 9, Tuesday, Ruffa was interviewed about the said issue and revealed her side. She appreciated the apology and accepted it. She even pointed it out that it was not a walk out, rather, she chose not to go back to the show bacause she cannot stop crying.Somehow, they have been good friends and the both of them are considering that. On the flip side, Anabelle Rama was also the one who told Ruffa to make peace with Kris because she acknowledged the effort of Kris reaching out.

Those things really happen to relationships. This is not a very good example but then it has something good in it. They are in one industry and have already established a bond of friendship. Reaching out and humbling your self down when admitting faults actually does not lower your dignity as a person.

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