Sunday, February 21, 2010

Iloilo: Villar's be?

Nationalista Party led by their presidential candidate Manny Villar, visited Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo on February 18, 2010 aiming to get the support of the Barotacnons.

Manny Villar accompanied by Congressman Ferjenel Biron, Barotac Nuevo Mayor Hernan Biron Sr. along with other mayors of the 4th District of Iloilo gathered in the plaza of Barotac Nuevo, dominated the talk. This was part of the campaign of the Nationalista Party to promote publicity of their group and gain more voters for the upcoming 2010 Election. The caucus started from 11 in the morning and ended at 1 pm. There were estimated 600 people with different perspectives who attended the said program.

Villar in his platform presentation said that he will make Barotac Nuevo as the prime economic driver of the province. Also, he swore that he will make Iloilo as his own province and align developments for the place. He chose Iloilo for he said his parents are it's natives and he is not belonged to any province so far and indeed, it is a promising section. In this goal, Cong. Biron gave his full support to Villar.

One of the spectators Rosalie Tabay, a teacher from Barotac Nuevo National Comprehensive High School commented, "I still do not believe that he will going to fulfill all that." For her, though Villar presented his platforms and promises perfectly, "He is just like any other politicians."

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