Thursday, March 18, 2010

End of the World

The Core, Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, Dante's Peak, Deep Impact. Movie marathon about disasters of different forms.

After watching these movies, I came to think... is the end of the world really possible? After watching all those, depression is what I felt. I keep on insisting to myself that those movies were fictions. These are things that are impossible to happen and it was just created by the imagination of the minds.

Sunday, 7 March 2010, 8:30 pm
I was with my brother Kleiff, my brothers girlfriend Jade, and Sedrick, my brother's so-called assistant. I am going back to my apartment in the city so I will not be late for tomorrows event. I will be attending the University's career talk at St. Julian's Academy in Janiuay. To make sure that we will not run out of gas, we pass by a store selling bottled fuel for all the gas stations were already closed.

I was just sitting at the back seat. I looked up and saw the clear sky making all stars visible. I spotted one star and saw that it was twinkling so bright. I even concluded that it is a planet. I moved my sight to another star and saw the same. I rolled my eyeballs to all the stars that my sight can scope and really, all of them were twinkling. What a wonderful creation God has made. I was so amazed and I mentioned it to them. My brother looked up and agreed with a smile. Her girlfriend gave me a doubtful look. Yes, she saw that all the stars were twinkling and she responded some scientific explanations. She said that stars twinkle because of too much heat. It twinkles when it grows too hot. She said, there's really something
wrong with the universe and she believes in the end of the world. Fear hovered me. I just hope and pray that these are not factors that might affect and destroy our beloved cosmos.

One night, I get to chat with Mr. Israel Malasa regarding this matter. Here is a part of our conversation.
good eve sir,. hows ur day?
hi. i'm fine. how about you?
fine too sir,. a little bit tired,. we had career talk in some high schools,.
and it's too hot
blame it on the weather...
have u notice the stars? there's something wrong
nope. i'm in the newsroom... what's with them?
they're twinkling so bright,. its like, all of them,, thats unusual
i'll take a look later when i get out of office...
you don't have any school assignments today, do you?
stars twinkle when they get too hot..
nope sir,. we dont have class during mondays
it must be the atmosphere... there are a few clouds out there during this time of the year...
possible,. i fear they might explode any time,. all of em
if they do... they are a million light years away from us... too far to do any significant damage. you should fear if our own sun expands and turns into a super-nova... then all of life--as we know it--will cease to exist
is that possible?
that the stars will collapse? yes.
that the sun will turn into a super nova?
they form a supernova, so says the scientists. their damage could be catastrophic in a system near them.
yes... in the future... once our yellow sun ages and dies...
all stars will extinguish... in good time
but the time our sun consumes its last remaining energy... our bodies would have turned to dust long before it explodes...
end of then world huh,. im getting paranoid,. maybe because of the movies that iv watched ,. alll about disasters
blame it on the 2012 movie...
the earth shifted its axis during the last quake in chile... it shortened our days so says a research
the core,.. the day after tomorrow..twister,. dantes peak, deep impact,... horrible movies,. made me depressed for some days
it's just a hollywood flick... a producer's creation...
it might be possible sir,. ryt?
we cannot tell....
it might... i repeat "might."
ok sir,. thanks for that enlightenment,.. have a good night,.^^
it was nice talking tyou
good night...
just don't watch too many movies...
lol,. good advice sir,. ok,. ^^

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