Sunday, February 21, 2010

Iloilo: Villar's be?

Nationalista Party led by their presidential candidate Manny Villar, visited Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo on February 18, 2010 aiming to get the support of the Barotacnons.

Manny Villar accompanied by Congressman Ferjenel Biron, Barotac Nuevo Mayor Hernan Biron Sr. along with other mayors of the 4th District of Iloilo gathered in the plaza of Barotac Nuevo, dominated the talk. This was part of the campaign of the Nationalista Party to promote publicity of their group and gain more voters for the upcoming 2010 Election. The caucus started from 11 in the morning and ended at 1 pm. There were estimated 600 people with different perspectives who attended the said program.

Villar in his platform presentation said that he will make Barotac Nuevo as the prime economic driver of the province. Also, he swore that he will make Iloilo as his own province and align developments for the place. He chose Iloilo for he said his parents are it's natives and he is not belonged to any province so far and indeed, it is a promising section. In this goal, Cong. Biron gave his full support to Villar.

One of the spectators Rosalie Tabay, a teacher from Barotac Nuevo National Comprehensive High School commented, "I still do not believe that he will going to fulfill all that." For her, though Villar presented his platforms and promises perfectly, "He is just like any other politicians."

Friday, February 12, 2010


THE FIRST TEMPTATION. (Stone to bread) Jesus fasted for 40 days making him very hungry. He never gave in to the temptation though He was craving for it. In the present, there are so many cases of stealing and robbery and their primary reason why they commit such offense is to feed their hungry stomach most especially of their children. But, there are still people who chose to be in the right path. They find other legal ways to give solutions to their problems like finding right jobs to support their families.

THE SECOND TEMPTATION. (Pinnacle of the temple) Jesus’ divinity was tested by the devil but then, He was again able to manage. He knew in Himself what He really is and has just proven His wisdom. Bearing the fact that our world becomes more crucial, we are confronted with a lot of not so good options. Justice for example, if you have money, you can buy it in just a blink of an eye. The richer the person is, the more favor he gets from the society. To prove that these big guns are superior, they get to bribe other people in exchange of what they want even if it is only for their own benefits. This people who were like puppets lose their dignity in exchange for let us say a good sum of money. With it, they also lose their integrity and identity, but is it worth it? This shows how they defeat their purpose of existence.

THE THIRD TEMPTATION. (Mountain) Jesus was tempted with all the riches of the world but then, He still stands with His claim of being faithful and loyal to the Father. One relevance to this is Efren PeƱaflorida. He won as the CNN Hero and went home with most likely 5 million pesos. This achievement was brought by his undying love and concern for our needy and less privileged youth. The amount he received was still spent for the children’s welfare. He is contented with what he already have and didn’t gave in to the temptations of wealth. Contrary to this are those people who trade their soul for money and richness. Our corrupt government officials who were so greedy and even claim the money intended for the progress of our country, were so weak and easily, they buy in to the temptations of this luxury, though to think they are respected and trusted.
“No one will be tempted until they allowed the circumstances to do so.”

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dagyang to the Max! (Part 1)

A festival of Ilonggos depicting their culture and practices- DINAGYANG as the whole world knows it. A tourist attraction for the city of Iloilo.It is a day of fun and excitement. You can witness the competition of different tribes picturing their various ways of life and living with the intention of giving honor to our beloved Sto. Nino.

Dinagyang Festival is something that i look forward to every year. I trade my time for home just to stay in the city and celebrate. Well, what is a week of enjoyment? This festival is indeed awesome.

This festival is not just a competition between different tribes but also, obviously of different television networks. Each is trying to cover the event perfectly in the best angle they could get. They are sending their top chart artists to entertain the audience and guests. All of their programs were successful because of the undying support of their fans and the hardworking staffs behind the set- up.

Speaking of fans well, I'm one of them. I've been a certified Kapamilya (by a chance I also watch Kapuso shows). I'm always on the go, just to meet mu admired celebrity.

A lot of sweat and perspiration are...