Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dagyang to the Max! (Part 1)

A festival of Ilonggos depicting their culture and practices- DINAGYANG as the whole world knows it. A tourist attraction for the city of Iloilo.It is a day of fun and excitement. You can witness the competition of different tribes picturing their various ways of life and living with the intention of giving honor to our beloved Sto. Nino.

Dinagyang Festival is something that i look forward to every year. I trade my time for home just to stay in the city and celebrate. Well, what is a week of enjoyment? This festival is indeed awesome.

This festival is not just a competition between different tribes but also, obviously of different television networks. Each is trying to cover the event perfectly in the best angle they could get. They are sending their top chart artists to entertain the audience and guests. All of their programs were successful because of the undying support of their fans and the hardworking staffs behind the set- up.

Speaking of fans well, I'm one of them. I've been a certified Kapamilya (by a chance I also watch Kapuso shows). I'm always on the go, just to meet mu admired celebrity.

A lot of sweat and perspiration are...

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