Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Can Ba Journalist

My hand can sway to the rhythm of music life brings. It can touch souls enveloped by angst of deprivation. Yes, I can be a journalist!

This present world is so messed up with untidy political issues and we people still, is in great innocence of what’s happening around us. Journalism is a great instrument to reach out the real world. By this essence, we were able to get to be aware of the darkness lurking in the reality of this crucial cosmos. We get to be in touch with the everyday revealing scenarios that without seeing the news, we cannot believe are possible.

Our society is bombarded with a lot of different problems. Given that its problem is our problem too for we are in it and if we know nothing, then there’s nothing we can do about it. For us to be knowledgeable, we have to read a lot. Thanks to these writers who were able to share their wisdoms and insights to the hungry public. They are the instruments for awakening the sleeping minds of the society. They were the one treating the craving for knowledge of these innocent crowds. The defiance they are facing is not a tongue-in-cheek but then, because of love, they were even willing to surrender their own lives for the job that makes them happy and gave them the real meaning of life. With the thought that they have once made contribution to benefit and uplift the comprehension of the population is more than enough payment for the struggles and sufferings they have made. Indeed, journalism is one great way to change the world.

Journalists take great deal of risks and as the job calls, I would be very willing to do so too. Entering the world of journalism is a decision I made out of compassion, serenity and bliss. I am aware that this would require so much of my time. Before, I usually spend my time doing things that would fulfill my happiness but then again, I came into realization that my status is real different now. I am already a grown- up, more mature and my eyes are very wide open with the veracity of restrictions life is constantly endowed with. I guess this is the right time for me to put some more character in my being. This essence that I am looking for will probably be served by my passion for writing. Through this, I can change the world. It is a noble profession and beyond the obscurity concealing its name, I know there’s still grandeur and allurement on the flip side. I know I can. I can write therefore I can say, I … can be a journalist!

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