Sunday, January 10, 2010

Break- Up?! Try Again... With Friendship.

It started out with "friends lang kami," and ended up with "friends na lang kami." So, can ex's really be friends after the break-up? Well, I say, it depends upon the status. The status that I'm talking about is the process and the way how the couples decided to end up the relationship. At some point, the main reason is also considerable why the bond and feelings they've shared for some time must be ended. If the break-up ended so fine and there is unity in the decision made, then there is no reason for the ex-couple to hate each other and reject the friendship offered by chances. Then again, if the separation was brought by so many speculations, misunderstandings, infidelities, and either one or both parties have been affected with the reason not worth it, then, the decision to be casual people with each other is a blameless prejudice.

My answer in the above statement is practically based on my own experiences. From those experience, the key word is FORGIVENESS. When you learn to forgive, then you take risks of opening again so many opportunities that have been blocked by fear. We also have to respect the innervation of each individual. There are also instances wherein, they learned to forgive but choose to be back to strangers with each other. But then, somehow, even before the presence of the intimate relationship, they were also once friends and they started up with being friends. So I say, it won't kill to try again... with friendship.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Light in the Dark (Reflection on the movie LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL)

Our lives became meaningful because of those people who love us and support us all throughout. “Life is Beautiful” is a striking movie. In here, a lot of sacrifices are made. An effort of a man to win the girl that he truly loves was recognizable, a lady who turned her back from her mother just to follow her true happiness, and the endeavor of a couple just to make their son happy and safe.

Throughout the movie, the characters were bound not to be free. There are those people who oppress them. That’s a fact of life that is hard to breakout from but we have choices- to stand up and fight or just let them do the thing. Because of this, there’s a great possibility for people to feel absurd but then they chose not to. For example, though Guido is distance away from Dora, he still finds ways to express his feelings to the woman he loves. Another is, when their son get involved, Guido as a father, never lets his son feel afraid and hurt. He covered all the pains that he is suffering for the sake of his son- the same as what God did for us. Thus, love can conquer all the agonies and torments.

Death is nothingness but then, in some ways it can also be beneficial. There are times in which we see the value of a person when they’re already gone and by this, the memory of that person will remain and be cherished by the people who love him until the time they meet again. Death from nothingness can be turned into something. Everything depends on your will.