Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Ending Realities

Why do we love happy endings? Since we were young we are exposed to a lot of fairytales like Cinderella, Barbie, Snow White, Rapunzel, and etc., and we know that fairytales aren’t fairytales until they come up with happy endings.

Every man wishes to have their princesses and every ladies wants to meet their prince charmings. Seems like a perfect enchantment when you found the person you will spend the rest of your life with, right? But, does this requires magic or a fairy godmother who would turn a pauper into a stunning fabulous princess to make the man of her dreams fall in love with her?

Well, as we know “avada cadabra,” “bibbidi babbidi boo,” “magic magic…” do not exist in real life. Don’t lose hope cause even without our magic wands, still we can come up with our own magic. Putting smiles on others faces by making good things for them is magic. Eating great and delicious foods cooked by our special someone is magic. Being able to open your eyes after a long night sleep is magic, so making someone fall for us is never impossible. We never know, he/she might be just the person behind us.

Why do we cry at happy endings? Lies! “Tears of happiness” are just made up by our illusions. We weep not because we are upset, but because dreadful feelings are stirred up inside us at the moment of a happy ending. We cry at the endings of happy movies because they conjure up an idealized world of kindness and love that we once, as children, believed possible. Children do not usually cry because they are not yet disillusioned about their own possibilities. For grownups, well that’s actually really depressing!

Wait! So much with that… Novels. On televisions, Koreanovelas, Asianovelas and other foreign novelas are popular specially in some specific regions in Asia. Televiewers keep eyes and updates on them and missing just one episode makes them go crazy. Why? Because they are after the thrills brought by these so called “antagonists”. They add spices to the story but then again, happy endings prevail. Without happy endings, people won’t be interested in tragical endings.

“If we’re not after happiness, what exactly are we striving for? "

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